Teams can be anywhere from 1-10 people. I always think teams of 5-6 have the most fun! Break it up in 5minute rotations, one person rows for 5minutes and then gets a 20-25minute rest before it’s their turn again, EASY!

Nope. This event is for everyone to get involved in. We’ve had participants who have never used a rowing machine before take part. Someone will teach you the technique and then just do your best for 5 minutes on your turn!

Spread the word! Tell everybody and anybody about this great event and share the website with all friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers!

The rowing start time will be 9am. Please arrive 20-30minute before so that your team can get checked in, find your machine and then we are off! Parking for the event may be a little scattered, street parking mostly so please allow time to find a spot!

Yes! We would love to have as many sponsors as possible. Please contact mmurphy@homecorp.org for more details and sponsorship options.